Puff-co Plus I

You can put any concentrates in the chamber Not Dry Herb or E-liquids

You will have to experiment but the normal idea is the firmer the concentrate the hotter you want the heating Temperature But can be dependent on user

The new push down e-nail which makes loading much easier and allows to apply more which means having an intense session

Puff-co Plus II

The Pro II was designed to tackle wax concentrates.

The thicker the concentrate, the more temperature you need. The thinner it is, the less temperature you should use.

Between every use. The more you clean it, the longer the artomizer will last.

The Neutraliser Road Kit

The formula starts kicking in after 5 minutes and will be in full motion 25-30 minutes.

It acts fast, starts to kick-in and will clear any smell after smoking but will tackle it whilst terpenes are being released.

Open a window so the terpenes you want to get rid off can be released and the new ones from the device can take over.

The Neutraliser Compact Kit

It will work but it’s effectiveness in performance is dependent on the room size. If you have a large room, we would recommend the Pro Kit but any small spaces where you want to control the terpenes the Compact Kit is ideal.

You want to keep the device high and in an open space so the terpenes can release into the environment. If using for a tent, apply to the outside to stop the smell penetrating unwanted areas of your home.

The Neutraliser Pro Kit

This starts to release the new terpene instantly but won’t have completely removed the smell. It will 35-40 minutes after smell once all the old terpene have been removed.

Open a window so old terpene can be replaced by new ones. It works much faster.

Placement is important. You don’t want to have it in a small, confined space. It’s more effective high and open so terpene can be released into the room. When smoking it, it is best to put on the outside of room to stop the smell coming out but bring in once session has ended.

Lift Ticket Terp Cones & Organic Wraps

Terpenes is a chemical made up many different compounds that produce smell and taste from plants , fruit & vegetables.

Terpenes do need to get you high but by adding terpene to your consumption will improve your physco activeness, because of the improvement of taste improves the experience as a whole.


You can put a variety of materials from dry herb all the way through your concentrates. The temperature settings allow you to apply enough to what ever material is in use.

Revelry Supply All

It is not carbon lined but is as effective as if it was.

Sasquash Cannagar Kit

A blunt or hemp.


Ensure that you pack content properly by picking down content regularly. Store in refrigerator for 24 hours +

You can fill with a mixture of materials: dry herb, tobacco or concentrates.

Bukket Bong

No water is needed for this Bong, it uses gravity to withdraw the smoke.

Safe Storage

At first they seem exactly the same but on expectations there are some engraved markings on the top. They are in American weight (oz).

Pringles Safe Storage

There is some content that once shaking makes a sound as if it was completely filled with crisps.